Happy Returns Integration

Problem Statement

Handling returns is one of the biggest headaches for DTC merchants. The retail industry suffers from a high return percentage, which varies depending on the product category.

FenixCommerce thrives to become a one-stop shop for its customers to manage an end-to-end customer shopping experience. Hence handling customer returns/refunds/exchanges seamlessly is a key functionality to be incorporated into the FenixCommerce platform.

Fenix will partner with Happy Returns to provide a seamless return experience to shoppers.

Functional Flow

Initiate Order Return/Refund/Exchange

Customers can initiate a return/refund/exchange from the FenixCommerce Branded Tracking page.

Data Transfer to Happy Returns

FenixCommerce will internally map the store name, order id, zip code, and the Happy Returns retailer-specific URL. 

As a result, the customer will be directly taken to the retailer-specific Happy Returns URL without having to enter the order id and zip code.

Fenix won’t manage returns flow, however, Happy Returns will take care of complete returns flow.


Reference links:

  1. https://www.retailersupport.happyreturns.com/return-and-exchange-portal/overview

  2. https://happyreturns.com/return-management-for-ecommerce-stores

Fenix<> Happy Returns Integration