Branded Tracking Page

Fenix Branded tracking page is one of the vital SaaS product offerings in our Post Purchase Products stack. Branded Tracking Page integrates order tracking information data from the Fenix Platform into customer email notifications in real-time, transforming that transactional step into a branded shopping experience personalized for each Customer order.

Integration Overview

 Key Features

  • Fenix provides highly configurable out of the box templates

  • Configurable header, footer, and styles to offer a complete branded experience

  • Ability to easily update the global messaging to all customers (see below example)

  • Option to provide the Fenix promised delivery date (which customers would have seen during checkout) as part of the order confirmation email.

  • Highly configurable shipment/tracking statuses included the following:

    • order confirmed

    • shipped

    • picked by the carrier

    • Shipment Exception

    • In-Transit

    • Out for Delivery

    • Delivered

    • Delivery Exception

  •  Option to display Order number, Order placed a date on the tracking page

  • Customized configurable Display message for each tracking event

Event Code

Display message

Picked by Carrier (PU)

Left Warehouse

  • Ability to change the marketing assets such as images and videos on the branded tracking page template

  • Tracking page Headless offering (supports Rest API)


{ "carrier_name": "string", "concise_infos": [ { "description": "string", "event_code": "string", "event_date": "string", "event_message": "string" } ], "display_emoji": true, "display_order_info": true, "edd_info": { "delivery_date": "string", "delivery_message": "string", "expected_shipment_date": "string", "promised_date": "string", "split_delivery_date": { "date": "string", "day": "string", "month": "string" } }, "emoji_on": "string", "fenixShipping": true, "important_updates": "string", "order_info": { "formatted_dttm": "string", "number": "string", "placed_dtm": "string" }, "recent_shipment_info": { "address": { "address1": "string", "address2": "string", "city": "string", "company": "string", "country": "string", "country_code": "string", "first_name": "string", "last_name": "string", "latitude": "string", "longitude": "string", "name": "string", "province": "string", "province_code": "string", "zip_code": "string" }, "day": "string", "desc": "string", "event_code": "string", "fenix_code": "string", "time": "string" }, "selected_shipment_activities": [ { "display_message": "string", "event_code": "string" } ], "shipment_activities": [ { "address": { "address1": "string", "address2": "string", "city": "string", "company": "string", "country": "string", "country_code": "string", "first_name": "string", "last_name": "string", "latitude": "string", "longitude": "string", "name": "string", "province": "string", "province_code": "string", "zip_code": "string" }, "day": "string", "desc": "string", "event_code": "string", "fenix_code": "string", "time": "string" } ], "tracking_number": "string" }

Key Considerations