Fenix Attentive Integration

Agenda: Shopify Checkout abandonment notifications with delivery estimates to the shoppers.

Introduction: Whenever shoppers abandon the checkout, Fenix will send the notification to the end customer with the estimated delivery date (EDD) for the respective items in the abandoned cart

Goal: To increase conversion rates when informing customers about their abandoned cart products by showing expected delivery dates in the mobile message before re-visiting the website. 83% of Shoppers say knowing the “Estimated time of arrival” is ‘Important’; more than ‘Search’ (75%) ‘Customer ratings’ (72%) & ‘Payment flexibility’ (34%) – Forrester Survey, 2020.

⦁ Attentive Account Information.
⦁ Message Template format that retailer wants to send to their buyers

Current Platform Supported: Shopify.

Integration Procedure to be followed by Fenix team or Fenix Resellers

Step 1: Install Fenix attentive private app into customer account attentive account.
App URL: https://ui.attentivemobile.com/integrations/oauth-install?client_id=1e299554af7141d085e9d1b9f60d2725&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Ffenixcommerce.com

Step 2: Fenix team will generate auth token and will update the internal configuration.

Step 3:

  • Fenix will provide the default Template for sending the SMS. If retailers need any custom fields in the template then we will create a retailer-specific template.

  • The message template is the format for the message intended to send to the end customer. 

  • Retailers need to configure message property holders to replace dynamic properties such as order_id, delivery date, order status URL, etc.

  • Installing the Fenix attentive app will redirect to the Fenix page which will show the confirmation page which says the attentive and Fenix app has integrated successfully.

Attentive Journey

  • Fenix is providing the default message Template for SMS. If a retailer wants a custom message, Fenix will create the custom template in Fenix attentive app as below


Architecture Diagram
  • The Fenix team will Configure the job to pull the checkout Abandoned data from Shopify daily (Cron Job) and store that data in the Fenix system.

  • A separate Scheduled Job will pull all the latest checkout Abandoned data from the Fenix CA database

  • Fenix CA Processor will call the delivery estimate API of the respective Abandoned record and send the data to the attentive message API. The Attentive platform is responsible for sending the message to the end customer based on the Internal attentive rules