Expected Delivery Dates in mail ( BigCommerce )


This document explains how to place the Delivery dates widget in an email template. Get real-time expected delivery dates in the mail inbox. 


  1. To increase conversion rates by informing customers about their abandoned cart products by showing expected delivery dates in the mail inbox before visiting the website. 

  2. Driving traffic of potential customers to the website who are going to checkout successfully by looking at this widget. 


FenixCommerce uses smart artificial intelligence and provides delivery dates of the product. 


  1. Tenant ID [ XXYNNN ]


This widget is one image tag which dynamically gets from API and prints on the image. 

Step 1 :

Visit: https://edd.fenixcommerce.com/fenix/email/bigcommerce-edd.php

Step 2:

Generate stylings code as shown below. Color, Font size and width of the Image.

In case of cart abandonment email SKU values could remain blank.

SKU values to be used only for marketing templates where we have known products.

Step 3:

Copy code snippet which is generated in Klaviyo Box.

Step 4:

Paste copied snippet inside cart abandonment email template as shown below.

Klaviyo Snapshots: